Welcome to Villa la Tavernaccia

This classic Renaissance style villa is located within a large estate, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and old-growth hardwoods. Eight kilometers of easy driving separate the Tavernaccia country home and farm from Florence. At 320 meters above mean sea level the house and the park have a commanding 360° breath taking view on Florence’s surrounding countryside up to Giotto’s bell tower & Brunelleschi’s dome. The tower provides a splendid platform for a panoramic view of the undulating terrain. Surrounded by a park, the grounds feature a comforting swimming pool, a small theatre in a natural setting and paths upon which to set out on walks. Villa Tavernaccia is an ideal place to relax in the arms of luxury. Prince Charles and Lady Diana were guests in March of 1986, on their first trip together in Italy, in the Villa Tavernaccia estate.

A Villa in Florence

Villa Tavernaccia is an intimate, deeply discreet place, to live the luxury of a hospitality cared for in every detail with measured elegance. It is not simple hospitality, but the very essence of hospitality, of offering a space that becomes shelter, where you can take care of yourself. Poetry and functionality complement each other between landscape and domestic intimacy, where aesthetic designs space while preserving comfort. All this with a gorgeous view of the Duomo di Firenze.