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An aerial view of the Villa La Tavernaccia and its gardens.
The outdoor swimming pool has been part of the history of the villa for a hundred years.

Villa La Tavernaccia

Welcome to

Florence where leisure is an art

The Villa

"A very big slice of heaven"

Sisi, Connecticut, USA, summer 2019


The Four Pillars of Hospitality

Villa La Tavernaccia satisfies everyone’s desires. Thanks to its strategic position, all the most magical places in Tuscany for daily tours are less than an hour away. If you prefer a more intimate and relaxing experience, the villa’s excellent facilities and spaces pamper you endlessly.

  1. Relax

    Picture your family sunbathing near the pool surrounded by cypress and lime trees, dining under a starry night, or immersing yourself in a breath-taking 360° view that encompasses all the valley for miles. The life at the Villa always follows your rhythm.

  2. Luxury

    Every detail of the Villa has been designed to offer maximum elegance and comfort.
    The interiors combine traditional Italian and modern influences: all the exquisite antiques are handpicked and merged with more contemporary work of art for a perfectly harmonious result.

  3. Facilities

    Have a walk in one of the many panoramic routes inside the private park that surrounds the Villa. Dive in the heated swimming pool, under the shades of the umbrella pines, or play tennis at your heart's content in a private court. Enjoy your favorite cocktail in a cozy small theater facing the Florence Cathedral.
  4. Experience

    Florence and its surroundings have it all: crystal-clear sea, lush mountains, sun-kissed hills, timeless medieval burgs, and sprawling cities. All within an hour from the Villa. Or just lay back, take a walk in the vineyards, and enjoy some Chianti tasting. 

An experience
like no other

Here at Villa La Tavernaccia, Tuscan hospitality meets the high standards and elegance of the world’s best châteaux in a timeless fairytale setting.
The only way to understand it is to try it.

Tales from the Villa

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