Villa la Tavernaccia is located at the best place for visiting Tuscany, eight kilometers away from the center of Florence. Near San Casciano Val di Pesa, a lovely burg in the Chianti countryside, you can reach almost all the major Tuscan attractions for a day trip.

At the center of it all

Villa La Tavernaccia is in an amazingly central position, right in the heart of Italy. From its hills, you can reach most of the Italian tourist destinations in a short time, like Rome, Milan, and Naples, becoming a fantastic stop for a grand tour

Best places to go nearby

Best places to go nearby

From the Villa, you have the unique privilege of being close to a dozen UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can visit central Italy for a month and not finish seeing all its wonders, so here is a shortlist of must-see places.
Florence is a living museum with magnificent architecture and priceless artworks, dubbed as the “Cradle of the Renaissance” for its cultural hegemony during that time. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, every tour by foot is a delightful surprise.
Since Etruscan time, these emerald-green hills are covered with rows of grapes, low lying forests, and breath-taking vistas. The Chianti Region offers a multitude of itineraries through quaint hamlets, typical little Tuscan towns, and extensive vineyards.
Siena is a magical place, as rich in history and art as Florence, with a vibrant local culture with its roots in medieval times. Home of the famous Palio di Siena, the ancient race that takes place twice every summer, the city is a jewel that should be visited at all costs.
While the Leaning Tower is undoubtedly the primary attraction, Pisa is more than its Piazza dei Miracoli. Enjoy a walk along the Arno river and explore the numerous, lively streets and squares full to the brim with richly decorated palaces and beautiful sights.
Lucca welcomes the visitor with its stunning 4-km-long circular wall, still intact after centuries of expert renovations. Because the historic center was so well protected, Lucca has managed to preserve its heritage convincingly. While beautiful, Lucca is far from a simple open-air museum: the city hosts the biggest comics fair in Europe and one of the most influential summer music festivals in Italy.
San Gimignano is a small walled village right between Florence and Siena. Famous for its medieval architecture and numerous towers, it’s one of the best-preserved towns in Tuscany. San Gimignano is also a food mecca, and produces delicious white wine, the Vernaccia.
The Versilia is the Tuscan coast region widely known for the fashionable resorts along its Riviera, with numerous night clubs attracting visitors for its active nightlife during the summer. During the day, with its sandy beaches and shallow waters, it’s a perfect place for families with small kids.
Val d’Orcia is a valley so beautiful it’s moving, even for the locals. This area of Tuscany boasts of endless rolling hills covered with grain, sunflowers, and vineyards that produce the world-renown wines such as Brunello. The small picturesque towns like Pienza and Montalcino are an obligatory stop, at least for a glass of wine and a stroll in their charming streets.
The five villages of the Cinque Terre are a well-preserved treasure of the eastern end of the Italian Riviera, with typical architecture and a network of stunning coastal and mountain trails.
With more than 50 kilometers of ski slopes of varying difficulty and dozens of hiking trails surrounded by nature, Abetone is the favorite mountain destination in Tuscany (and beyond).
There is nothing better in the world than getting lost in the smaller canals of Venice, stopping for a coffee in a typical bar before immersing yourself in the beauty of landmarks such as Saint Mark's Basilica or the Rialto Bridge.
Rome has been a major human settlement for more than 2000 years, and it shows. Walking through its streets means retracing the history of western culture to the present day, surrounded by majestic and timeless architecture.

Your holidays, your rules

Florence and Tuscany offer such a wealth of activities that there is something for everyone. Ask the Villa staff to build together with your custom-tailored daily trips.

Live and Breath the Renaissance Era

Discover the treasures of the Florentine Renaissance, where everything was born and visit some of the most important museums in the world.

The majestic Renaissance villa

Located on a rectangular terrace on the top of a hill two km. far from Villa Tavernaccia.
In the XX Santi di Tito architect and assistant of Michelangelo realized it.
The entrance is a magic boulevard surrounded by unique cypresses.
One of the most iconic elements of the Villa is the garden which is divided on two different terraces: the upper terrace where holm oaks, horse chestnuts and cypresses were planted in the 19th century; the lower terrace is an “Italian-style” garden with square-shaped flowerbeds and pots of lemons planted in XXX century.


A total relaxation experience

The Antinori winery was built entirely with locally sourced materials, respectful of the surrounding environment and the Tuscan landscape. It is ten minutes drive from Villa Tavernaccia

A preserved historic wine estate

Castello Sonnino is composed by a 16th century mansion which date back to the 13th century, medieval, fortified tower that overlooks the Chianti Hills. Is also one of the leading producers of Chianti Montespertoli D.O.C.G. and high quality olive oil.

Only 20 minutes from Villa Tavernaccia.


Golfing at Ugolino, the oldest Club in Italy

To play Ugolino is not just to indulge in a game of golf, it is to wander through a landscape of great natural beauty, surrounded by olive and other fruit trees. It is an unforgettable and uplifting experience. In his book Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die, Chris Santella includes Ugolino as one of the fifty places to play. Twenty minutes from Villa Tavernaccia.

Luxury Shopping

All the Italian Fashion within arm's reach

All the best Italian luxury brand stores are close to the villa, from high-end malls to stores in the center of Florence, with deals and discounts throughout all year.

The best steak in town

You’re finally arrived in the city and the first thing that you want to do is to eat a wonderful and juicy florentine steak doc, isn’t it? One of those steaks that you have been told by your friends that visited Florence before you and those that you saw in the pic of your city guide bought before leaving, but you don’t know where… don’t worry, we are here (also) for this reason and got the place for you: let’s go to the trattoria “Sostanza – Il troia” today, not just a restaurant, but a real institution of the city.

An experience
like no other

Here at Villa La Tavernaccia, Tuscan hospitality meets the high standards and elegance of the world’s best châteaux in a timeless fairytale setting.
The only way to understand it is to try it.