The garden and swimming pool of Villa La Tavernaccia from above

The Villa

Villa La Tavernaccia in Florence is an exquisitely restored estate built in the 18th century, surrounded by 32 acres of private garden and evergreen forest right in the prestigious Chianti countryside
La Tavernaccia is a haven of peace and privacy, richly endowed with all the comforts and facilities you expect from a luxury mansion, yet very close to all the main attractions of Tuscany.

Historic charm meets modern taste

All the interiors have been renovated by a Italian designer, Ilaria Miani, who worked to ensure that the chic and historical soul of the villa happily coexisted with a modern and lively taste for colors, space, and light. All the furniture is chosen from an extensive collection of family antiquities, from inlaid Tuscan tables from the eighteenth century to Venetian wooden arm-chairs from the 1700s, and blended with unique contemporary furnishing and high-level amenities.

Relax and Privacy



The villa offers numerous outdoor facilities, designed for relaxation and fun for the whole family.

The open theater in the garden with its original statuesA close-up of one of the statues in the open theater
A few steps from the villa, you can find an elegant outdoor theater, embellished with period statues with a neoclassical vibe and surrounded by pruned trees and bushes. From its steps, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the center of Florence, with its unique Cathedral.
Villa La Tavernaccia offers a proper-sized private tennis courtA pristine red clay court for bowls near Villa La Tavernaccia
If you are a sporting type, you can enjoy a proper tennis court surrounded by the greenery of the garden and sheltered from the wind by the tall trees. You can also use the two soccer goals on the sides of the court for a quick and funny soccer game. If you want to play one of the more traditional Italian games, there is also a pristine red clay court for a game of bowls.
The heated swimming pool in the garden of Villa La Tavernaccia, surrounded by treesAn historical photo of the swimming pool, early 20th century.
Umbrella pines, cypress, and lime trees surround the heated swimming pool on the grounds of the villa. The hundred-year-old pool is framed in local pietra serena stone, the same used to pave the Churches in Florence, and offers enough comfortable seatings for everybody.
Villa Tavernaccia's bioactive vegetable garden
The villa, in addition to its 1000 olive trees producing an award-winning oil, offers a small bioactive vegetable garden that produces seasonal organic delicacies. Perfect for savoring the genuine and healthy flavors of Tuscan cuisine. Inside the estate you can also find a hectare of Chianti Classico vineyards.
The table under the veranda with the view on the Chianti hills.
Enjoy a view that embraces the emerald-green hills that seems never to end. There is nothing better to have lunch or dinner together at the table under the veranda, kissed by the Tuscan sun.