The Villa today

Richly endowed with all comforts and accessories needed to live a comfortable and relaxing stay, Villa Tavernaccia is particularly suitable for families.
The large size allows to meet all possible needs of the guests.
All of the interiors recently underwent a major renovation by the famous Italian designer Ilaria Miani, combining clean lines and decor. A cultured, refined style, celebrating the charm in a virtuous dialogue in the name of aesthetics and comfort.

Surrounding the Villa

A special place, intimate and comfortable, in the magic of a prestigious and enchanting environmental context: this is the perfect mix offered by Villa Tavernaccia. Hills and all shades of green surround the Villa, located in a unique position, both for the extraordinary landscape that can be seen from its beautiful tower and for to its proximity to the attractions offered by the area. One of the most famous skylines in the world, overlooking Florence and the beginning of the Via del Chianti, surrounds the house making sure that in every season you can’t ever get tired of such beauty.


“Though scattered and dazed and also hampered by wire, grape-vines strung across the line of attack, the survivors pushed on to Tavernaccia. A large two-storied house, with a tower on top of it, appeared on the hill; it was surrounded by a cyclone fence six feet high which enclosed some three acres. Enemy shell and mortar fire increased and the building was occupied”
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From Cassino to Trieste
Divisional Cavalry
22 Battalion

From Cassino to Trieste – Divisional Cavalry – 22 Battalion